We can hook you up to a fast internet connection and our own Mitelka TV

Are you fighting over the TV remote control at home? That’s a thing of the past. Finally, no more arguments over which is more important, an endless TV series or the final of the Champions League. And who’s in charge of the remote control.

You’ll be able to watch your favourite programmes not only on the TV, but also on your:

  • computer,
  • tablet,
  • mobile phone.
  • … or all your devices at once, if you fancy. And so every member of the family gets to watch what they want..

Don’t be a slave to the TV listings

Tired of having to broaden your range of expletives whenever you miss your favourite movie, meaning you have to replay it in your head using your imagination? How about re-watching a show broadcast on any station, ordering the latest blockbuster from your own home video rental, or putting together your own TV schedule?

We’ll arrange a lightning-fast internet connection for you and get IPTV up and running so that you always have television on hand. And you can watch your favourite films or series undisturbed, anytime and anywhere. Bask in the magic of fully interactive TV. Relax in front of one of more than 100 available programmes. Discover a new dimension of TV viewing.

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