Smart City/IoT
Smart City/IoT

Smart City/IoT

We can add a smart management system to your city, office or home

Why not make life a bit easier? And leave some things to artificial intelligence? We’re sure you’ll have no problem filling all that new free time on your hands.

Quit having to worry about:

  • watering plants according to the moisture content of the soil,
  • adjusting ventilation according to O2 and CO2 levels,
  • locking the garage door after driving the car out,
  • closing the blinds when the sun comes out,
  • adjusting the lighting according to room occupancy and the time of day,
  • adjusting the heating according to the number of people in the room and the time of day,
  • Industrial certified measurement of all possible network variables,
  • … and many other more or less exhausting duties.

Smart is the new… smart

Want to free up those hands of yours? And delegate some of the hassle to someone else? We’ve probably all tried it a few times, but in the vast majority of cases the result was the same – we still ended up having to do it ourselves again. What if you could leave lots of routine activities to a reliable buddy who doesn’t forget, doesn’t make excuses, and delivers on everything he promises?

We can install a smart management system in your city, work or home, one that is able to continuously communicate with all its elements, evaluate the situation in real time, and then adequately respond to it. And you minimise your security risks, reduce your operating costs and increase your living.


We can equip your outdoor or indoor environment with a SED (Sound Event Detector) system. A solution for saving lives and protecting property, it uses a proprietary algorithm driven by machine learning technology to detect, classify and then alert you to unwanted sound events. These events could be a gunshot, screaming or high noise levels in a city.

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