IT outsourcing
IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

We handle work for which you don’t have an IT specialist

If you’re dealing with cloud storage, servers, internet distribution and connection, websites, e-shops or any other technical matters like this, then we have a solution for you. Our team of experienced IT experts resolves these requirements for companies on a daily basis.

What our team specialises in:

  • cloud solutions
  • IT systems
  • internet networks
  • server settings
  • web applications and websites
  • IT security

Is it economical for a company to have its own IT specialist?

IT makes almost all aspects of our lives easier, and this is doubly true for companies. Let’s take a look at a few examples together: process automation, CRM systems, cloud storage, fast internet connection, network security and more. Do you know what all these solutions have in common? If they’re set up properly once and the staff is trained, then they just need a few hours’ maintenance a month/year. This means that the IT specialist will have his hands full for a while, during the initial system setup phase.

Yet in the second phase, the company will only be dealing with shortcomings, and there won’t be many of those. So what use is that specialist then? That’s why it’s not worth it for most companies to employ a person like this full-time. Get in touch with us and you’ll always have an IT expert on at hand, but only when something needs to be connected up, set up or repaired.

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