TV/SAT Technology
TV/SAT Technology

TV/SAT Technology

We can provide you with a complete solution for antenna and satellite systems

What about having a reception like a royal wedding? And admiring an image so crystal-clear that not even a crystal itself could be more crystal-clear?

Both are assured by:

  • DVB-T,
  • DVB-T2,
  • DAB+
  • STA
  • Tooway
  • KA-SAT
  • LTE
  • CDMA
  • GSM
  • DCS
  • UMTS/G3

A bad TV experience can then only be blamed on the screenwriter or your team’s performance

Tired of watching poor quality video? Do you always find yourself rolling your eyes when the broadcast freezes at exactly the most exciting moment? And you then have to imagine how the penalty went, the shot you missed due to a bad signal? Want to watch TV with no graininess, stuttering and occasional signal outages?

We design and implement TV/SAT distribution systems to enable you to receive and transmit optimum multimedia and audio-visual signals at home or in the office. We supply and install antenna systems, DVB-T and DVB-T2 satellite systems, and the Bose system.

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