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Energy and heating of the future

Does the thought of the new energy prices make your head spin? We get it, it’s not a pretty picture. Nevertheless, our team of experts offers a solution – make your own energy. Make the most of photovoltaics, which basically means having your own solar power plant, which converts the sun’s rays into electricity and consists of two parts – solar panels (on the roof) and an inverter (energy distributor). This setup will help you save lots of money and they really are very efficient. Perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s worth it here, as we’re not exactly a southern country? It is. The solar panels will be doing their job even when it is a little overcast.

Admittedly, the cost of buying a photovoltaic system runs to hundreds of thousands of crowns. Although we’ll be happy to help you out with the whole process and do our best to obtain a state subsidy to have the system installed, we understand that it can take a really big bite out of the family budget. Fortunately, there’s another effective and handy gadget for cases like this – a heat pump. This can also save a great deal of money. Contact us and we’ll go through all the types of heat pumps with you, propose an effective solution tailored to suit you, and yes – we’ll also recommend how to combine this energy-saving box with photovoltaics and thus achieve the greatest possible savings together.

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