IT Security
IT Security

IT Security

We protect your internal communication and all data transmissions

Everything you say, write or send remains between you and the recipient. We keep intercoms secure exclusively using products from the best companies on the market. This enables us to guarantee a very high standard.


  • next-generation firewall,
  • honeypots,
  • hardware antivirus and antispam systems,
  • VPN, IPS,
  • WAN optimization,
  • application control,
  • web filtering,
  • advanced network traffic monitoring,
  • data loss prevention (DLP),
  • network access control,
  • personalized phishing campaigns,
  • state-of-the-art SOPHOS, PaloAlto, Fortinet and many other technologies.

Peace of mind worth more than gold

Do you get an uneasy feeling whenever you send sensitive data over the internet, as you don’t know where it’s going or who it will end up with? Are you becoming afraid to open even ordinary e-mails, in case you accidentally download a virus onto your computer or the entire company network? No wonder, as commonly available software is useless. And building a reliable IT security system is a fine art.

What if you were able to work without fear in a virtual environment, and could be sure that whatever you communicate online ends up only in the right hands? We can handle the security of your entire infrastructure to ensure secure communication and data transfer. We can prepare and implement an effective IT security solution for you, regardless of how big your company is.

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